Janene Roberts for Tuesday Brown Bag
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Janene Roberts for Tuesday Brown Bag
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Take the bubble gum challenge. 

OK, I'm starting a challenge for Blazing Laptop's fundraiser. I challenge you to grab a friend, a couple of pieces of bubble gum and blow the biggest bubble you can. I don't recommend Bazooka as was used in the challenge this evening. Loser donates any amount to Blazing Laptops. Now challenge others.


This is my second year supporting Blazing Laptops and I can't wait to see what comes out of a day dedicated to writing. Your support of my fundraising page will elicit much praise from me.  I might want to sing you a song, but I'll spare you that and bake you something instead.  Cupcakes, lavender shortbread or scones for anyone donating $30 or more, because my second favorite thing to do after writing is baking.

Or if you want to get some writing practice in before the event, I'm donating my facilitator fees for the Brown Bag Writing Session on Tuesday May 26, so you just pay the normal $5 for writing practice and my portion goes to the fundraiser.  I love creating win-wins.

ABOUT Blazing Laptops 2015

WHAT: 8th Annual Blazing Laptops Write-a-thon

WHEN:  Sunday, June 7, 2015  9:00am-4:00pm

WHERE: Liberty Station: Ink Spot and Inspirations Gallery

Blazing Laptops Write-a-thon 2015 is our annual fundraising event for your favorite literary nonprofit: San Diego Writers, Ink. It’s a time to get together to write, raise money for a good cause, write, enjoy time with other writers, and WRITE.

All participants must either be sponsored for the minimum of $150 or pay that amount themselves in order to be a part of the experience.  

The writers in the Write-a-Thon get free breakfast and lunch, plus the fun of the day itself--including chair yoga, a lunch talk by a published author, special activities, etc.  Incentives and prizes are given for people who raise the most money for SDWI.

Your money supports the writer attending the event plus goes to SDWI's free and low-cost events/classes throughout the year.

Name Date Amount Comments
Popcorn Press & Media 06/30/2015 $40.00  
Steven Montgomery 06/07/2015 $30.00 Lavender shortbread??!! I'm IN! Have a great day of writing, Janene!
Nicole Vollrath 06/06/2015 $20.00 Thanks for all U do 4 SDWI!
John Van Roekel 06/03/2015 $10.00  
Deborah Ratliff 06/03/2015 $30.00 Thanks for participating in Blazing laptops.
Brown Bag 06/02/2015 $7.50  
Janene Roberts 05/27/2015 $12.50  
  Total $150.00